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Austin, TX divorce lawyer David Moore has over 25 years of trial experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in highly complex cases in almost every aspect of the law. He has handled construction cases as large as $35 million in damages, and participated in the longest jury trial in Williamson County history resulting in a verdict in favor of his client in a complex construction case.

He was involved on the cutting edge of the development of bad faith law in Texas, with 2 landmark cases argued in the Texas Supreme Court. Today, as a divorce attorney in Austin, he devotes himself to the peaceful resolution of divorce cases, with an emphasis on reconciliation.

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging experiences you may go through. It’s important to never underestimate the significance of retaining an Austin family lawyer who cares. David Moore is an experienced and assertive family law attorney and understands the importance of balancing compassion with an aggressive effort to get you and your family the best results possible. It’s a rare occurrence to have two parents fully agree on important issues such as child support, child custody or time sharing let alone the dividing of assets, property or wealth. The benefits of hiring the right divorce attorney are far reaching and David Moore is committed to making this painful process as easy as he can for you and your family.

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